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Thread: Connie Suttle - God Wars series

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    God Wars
    1. Blood Double (2013)
    2. Blood Trouble (2013)
    3. Blood Revolution (2013)
    4. Blood Love (2013)
    in epub and mobi


    thanks to the ops

    Eleven days. Eleven days it took, for me to become vampire. The beating had revived old nightmares and I only wished to die. I'd shaken my head and muttered no through lips so bloodied and swollen it was difficult to say the word. He'd asked me if I wanted to live. I said no. He asked me if I wanted to be strong and live forever. I said no again, with difficulty. "Wrong answer," he whispered and cut into my wrists.

    In the beginning, the One created the Three. Only the One was more powerful than the Three. They were named Wisdom, Strength and Love. Those Three are more commonly known as the Mighty Mind, the Mighty Hand and the Mighty Heart.

    Others were made, then, with varying degrees of power, who served under the One and the Three. The worlds were made, both Light and Dark, and those worlds were populated with all manner of races and creatures.

    One day, the One and the Three discovered that a blight had infected their ranks. Some at many levels of power had banded together and turned against them, seeking to destroy what had been created. The Three were given the task of pursuing the rogues and finding a way to either turn them back to the light or eliminate them. The Three began to choose their armies carefully, as their duty was to seek out and right many wrongs in their pursuit of such pervasive evil.

    The God Wars have begun.
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    Connie Suttle - Blood Finale (God Wars, #5)

    Click here to enlarge

    "We have won, brother. The Three are no more and those who remain have clearly reached a stalemate in combatting the General and his army. All that is left for us to do is take everything and let chaos rule. I only wait for Calhoun to return so we might continue our search for Kiarra. A promise was made to us and I will see it fulfilled."
    The countdown for the final battle begins.

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    Download link:
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