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    Author: Katie MacAlister
    Format: epub, lit

    Reading Order:
    1. Noble Intentions (2002)

    Noble Britton had suffered greatly at the hands of his first wife, and he refused to fall into the same trap again. This time he intended to marry a quiet, biddable woman who would not draw attention to herself or cause scandal. Gillian Leigh's honest manner and spontaneous laughter attracted him immediately. It mattered little that she was accident-prone; he could provide the structure necessary to guide her. But unconventional to the tips of her half-American toes--toes that one of them was constantly tripping over--his new bride turned the tables on him, wreaking havoc on his orderly life. And worse, demanding he surrender his heart. Perpetually one step behind his beguiling spouse, Noble suffered a banged up head, a black eye, and a broken nose before he realized Gillian had healed his soul and proved that their union was no heedless tumble, but the swoon of true love.

    2. Noble Destiny (2003)

    Regardless of the ton's disapproval, one woman will go to any length-even shooting her husband-to win his heart.

    3. Noble Pursuits (2004)
    aka The Trouble with Harry

    Answering an advertisement for a wife, Plum just may have found the man of her dreams in her new husband Harry, a titled aristocrat and former spy, whose dangerous past and mischievous brood of children make her life delightfully chaotic.

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  3. #2 Katie MacAlister AKA Kate Marsh AKA Katie Maxwell Collection 
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    Genre: Historical/Paranormal/Supernatural/Modern Romance

    Katie MacAlister
    (1964 - )
    Kate Marsh, Katie Maxwell

    About Katie MacAlister

    Katie MacAlister is an American author with a passion for mystery, a fascination with alpha males, and a deep love of history. She has worked as a bird skeleton cleaner, a wave machine solderer, a Fortran programmer, and a sales assistant for Harrod's. She lives with her husband and two dogs, and also writes for the young adult market as Katie Maxwell.

    RED = Missing
    BLUE = New Forthcoming Books
    PURPLE = Can be read individually/separately

    New Forthcoming Books
    6th Of August 2013 (Kindle) Time Crossed (Time Thief - 1.5??)
    September 2013 (paperback) The Art of Stealing Time (Time Thief - 02)


    Click here to enlarge
    1. Noble Intentions (2002)
    2. Noble Destiny (2003)
    3. Noble Pursuits (2004) aka The Trouble with Harry

    Dark Ones
    Click here to enlarge
    1. A Girl's Guide to Vampires (2003)
    2. Sex and the Single Vampire (2004)
    3. Sex, Lies and Vampires (2005)
    4. Even Vampires Get the Blues (2006)
    5. The Last of the Red-Hot Vampires (2007)
    5.5 Bring Out Your Dead [short story] (2006) (in Just One Sip)
    6. Zen and the Art of Vampires (2008)
    7. Crouching Vampire, Hidden Fang (2009)
    8. In the Company of Vampires (2010)
    9. Much Ado About Vampires (2011)
    10. A Tale of Two Vampires (2012)
    Just One Sip (omnibus) (2006) (with Jennifer Ashley and Minda Webber)
    My Big Fat Supernatural Honeymoon (2007) (with Kelley Armstrong, Jim Butcher, Rachel Caine, P N Elrod, Caitlin Kittredge, Marjorie M Liu, Lilith Saintcrow and Ronda Thompson)
    Cupid Cats (omnibus) (2010) (with Connie Brockway and Vicki Lewis Thompson)
    Bring Out Your Dead (2011)
    Unleashed (2011)

    Aisling Grey, Guardian
    Click here to enlarge
    1. You Slay Me (2004)
    2. Fire Me Up (2005)
    3. Light My Fire (2006)
    4. Holy Smokes (2007)

    Silver Dragons
    Click here to enlarge
    1. Playing with Fire (2008)
    2. Up in Smoke (2008)
    3. Me and My Shadow (2009)

    Light Dragons
    Click here to enlarge
    1. Love in the Time of Dragons (2010)
    2. The Unbearable Lightness of Dragons (2011)
    3. Sparks Fly (2012)

    Time Thief AKA Traveller
    1. Time Thief (2013)
    2. The Art of Stealing Time (2013)
    Time Crossed (2013)


    Click here to enlarge
    Improper English (2003)
    Men in Kilts (2003)
    The Corset Diaries (2004)
    Blow Me Down (2005)
    Hard Day's Knight (2005)
    Steamed: A Steampunk Romance (2010)
    Suffragette in the City (2011)
    It's All Greek to Me (2011)


    Heat Wave (2003) (with Jennifer Archer and Sheridon Smythe)
    Blood Sample 7 (2010) (with MaryJanice Davidson, Laurell K Hamilton, Charlaine Harris and J R Ward)
    My Zombie Valentine (2010) (with Lisa Cach, Angie Fox and Marianne Mancusi)
    The Undead In My Bed (2012) (with Molly Harper and Jessica Sims)


    Ain't Myth-behaving: Two Novellas (2007)


    Lifestyles of the Rich and Undead (2012)

    Short Stories

    Bring Out Your Dead [short story] (2006)
    My Big Fat Supernatural Honeymoon - SS - Cat Got Your Tongue

    Kate Marsh AKA Katie MacAlister - Ghost Of A Chance
    Kate Marsh AKA Katie MacAlister - Emily - 01 - The Year My Life Went Down The Loo
    Kate Marsh AKA Katie MacAlister - Emily - 02 - They Wear WHAT Under Their Kilts
    Kate Marsh AKA Katie MacAlister - Emily - 03 - What's French For Ew!
    Kate Marsh AKA Katie MacAlister - Emily - 04 - The Taming Of The Dru
    Kate Marsh AKA Katie MacAlister - Emily - 05 - Life, Love, And The Pursuit Of Hotties


    Katie Maxwell AKA Katie MacAlister - Confessions Of A Vampires Girlfriend
    Katie Maxwell AKA Katie MacAlister - Goth - 01 - Got Fangs
    Katie Maxwell AKA Katie MacAlister - Goth - 02 - Circus Of The Darned

    Formats: Various
    Rar size on disk: 173 Mb
    Servers: ZippyShare

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    Katie Macalister - Ain't Myth Behaving.lit
    Katie Macalister - Aisling Gray 01 - You Slay Me (v5.0).epub
    Katie Macalister - Aisling Gray 02 - Fire Me Up (v5.0).epub
    Katie Macalister - Aisling Gray 03 - Light My Fire (v5.0).epub
    Katie Macalister - Aisling Gray 04 - Holy Smokes.epub
    Katie Macalister - Bird of Paradise.pdf
    Katie Macalister - Blow Me Down (v5.0).epub
    Katie Macalister - Dark Ones - A Tale of Two
    Katie Macalister - Dark Ones 01 - A Girls Guide to Vampires.lit
    Katie Macalister - Dark Ones 02 - Sex & the Single Vampire.lit
    Katie Macalister - Dark Ones 03 - Sex, Lies & Vampires (v5).epub
    Katie Macalister - Dark Ones 04 - Even Vampires Get the Blues (v5.0).epub
    Katie Macalister - Dark Ones 05 - The Last of the Red - Hot Vampires (v5.0).epub
    Katie Macalister - Dark Ones 05.05 - Bring out Your Dead.lit
    Katie Macalister - Dark Ones 06 - Zen & the Art of Vampires (v5.0).epub
    Katie Macalister - Dark Ones 07 - Crouching Vampire, Hidden Fang (v5.0).epub
    Katie Macalister - Dark Ones 08 - In the Company of
    Katie Macalister - Dark Ones 09 - Much Ado About
    Katie Macalister - Dark Ones 10 - A Tale of Two
    Katie Macalister - Dark Ones 10.05 - Shades of
    Katie Macalister - Dark Ones 11 - A Tale of Two Vampires.epub
    Katie Macalister - Dark Ones 11.05 - Lifestyles of the Rich & Undead.epub
    Katie Macalister - Hard Day's Knight (v5.0).epub
    Katie Macalister - Improper English.lit
    Katie Macalister - It's All Greek to Me.epub
    Katie Macalister - Lifestyles of the Rich &
    Katie Macalister - Light Dragons 01 - Love in the Time of
    Katie Macalister - Light Dragons 02 - The Unbearable Lightness of Dragons (v5.0).mobi
    Katie Macalister - Light Dragons 03 - Sparks Fly (v5.0).epub
    Katie Macalister - Men in Kilts (v5.0).mobi
    Katie Macalister - Noble 01 - Noble Intentions (v5.0).epub
    Katie Macalister - Noble 02 - Noble Destiny (v5.0).epub
    Katie Macalister - Noble 03 - The Trouble With Harry (v5.0).epub
    Katie Macalister - Silver Dragons 01 - Playing With Fire (v5.0).epub
    Katie Macalister - Silver Dragons 02 - Up in Smoke (v5.0).epub
    Katie Macalister - Silver Dragons 03 - Me & My Shadow (v5.0).epub
    Katie Macalister - Steamed.epub
    Katie Macalister - The Corset Diaries.lit
    Katie Macalister - Time Crossed.epub
    Katie Macalister - Time Thief 01 - Time Thief.epub
    Katie Macalister - Time Thief 01.05 - Time Crossed.epub
    Katie Macalister - Time Thief 02 - The Art of Stealing Time.epub
    Katie Macalister as Kate Marsh - Ghost of a Chance.rar
    Katie Macalister as Kate Marsh - Suffragette in the City.pdf
    Katie Macalister as Katie Maxwell - Emily 01 - The Year My Life Went Down the
    Katie Macalister as Katie Maxwell - Emily 02 - They Wear What Under Their
    Katie Macalister as Katie Maxwell - Emily 04 - The Taming of the
    Katie Macalister as Katie Maxwell - Emily 05 - Life, Love, & the Pursuit of
    Katie Macalister as Katie Maxwell - Emily 06 - What's French for 'ew!'.mobi
    Katie Macalister, Angie Fox - My Zombie Valentine (v5).epub
    Katie Macalister, Jennifer Ashley - Just One Sip (v5.0).epub
    Katie Macalister, Molly Harper - The Undead in My
    Katie Macalister, Vicki Lewis Thompson - Cupid

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