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Thread: William W. and J. A. Johnstone - Phoenix Rising Series (Thrillers)

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    Click here to enlarge Phoenix Rising
    Book One of Phoenix Rising series

    by William W. and J. A. Johnstone
    eISBN: 978-0-7860-2864-1

    "The Land Of The Free” Is No Longer Free

    The new President of the United States is sharing the wealth, rewriting the Constitution, and changing the National Anthem. America’s liberals are thrilled with the election of the first foreign-born candidate. But when President Ohmshidi begins to implement his radical agenda-banning oil production, slashing military budgets, and establishing a "New World Order”-our once-great nation becomes easy pickings for a deadly new wave of Muslim extremists, who rename America…the Islamic Republic of Enlightenment.

    It’s Time To Take Back America

    Enter Jake Lantz, a battle-seasoned army major and ace helicopter pilot who refuses to stand by and watch his country go down in flames. Assembling a ragtag team of action-ready soldiers and patriots, Jake establishes Firebase Freedom-America’s last defense against the violent, lawless thugs and "Army of Allah” that has taken over. Jake’s mission: Take back America. Give the people liberty-and give the enemy death…
    Click here to enlarge Firebase Freedom
    Book Two of Phoenix Rising series

    by William W. and J. A. Johnstone
    eISBN: 978-0-7860-3062-0

    One Nation, Under God--Theirs

    Eighteen months ago, America was invaded from within--by the self-proclaimed "Army of Allah." Now, U.S. veteran Jake Lantz and a ragtag team of survivalists have built a safehold on Pleasure Island. From this home base in the Gulf, they can reclaim our nation's natural gas wells for Phoenix, freedom's last defense against Islamic invaders. But when U.S. President Ohmshidi publicly admits that he is, and has always been, a Muslim, every American is forced to choose sides--or else...

    With Liberty, And Payback, For All

    Under presidential order, electric power, privileges, and "peace" will be restored--to any citizen who pledges allegiance to the new regime. Jake and the Phoenix Group are willing to sign up--over their dead bodies. Instead, they're reaching out to patriots across the nation to build an underground network of rebels. Like the Founding Fathers before them, they'll do anything for their country. Swear on their lives. Fight to the death. And blow this "New World Order" to kingdom come...

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