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    Not advertising here but I use PIA for my vpn and I love them. Always up and most always fast.
    What I like most about them are all the different locations for servers. World-wide, too. I like having a choice.
    Which leads me to the question:

    For stealth reasons (example: ISP's who watch Tor traffic and such), is it better to change locations frequently or, as I do, use the same vpn location most all the time? My vpn runs 24/7 as well. I seldom change it unless speed seems a bit slow on that server.

    I'm thinking that changing locations may be my better option to be honest since never changing a url would be a red flag to an ISP as well, wouldn't it? Don't really know too much tech about VPNs wouldn't mind hearing for those who do.
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    I use PIA too. It doesn't matter what server you use. Your isp knows you are using a vpn but thats all. They can't access your traffic on any of the servers as the data is encrypted. The only time you need to change servers is if you need to appear to a website that you are from a particular location. For example if i want to use Netflix USA i switch to an american server. I find PIA good too and it states that it dowsn't log traffic or keep any access records.
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    Yep guys - i'm a PIA user as well, tried a few others but find this by far the best. Never had any issues with the speeds or location points, and it has passed all security checks that i have thrown at it. Click here to enlarge

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    Click here to enlarge Originally Posted by Luther Click here to enlarge
    Yep guys - i'm a PIA user as well, tried a few others but find this by far the best. Never had any issues with the speeds or location points, and it has passed all security checks that i have thrown at it. Click here to enlarge
    Curious and what have you thrown at it ?
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    Is Netflix blocking PIA servers ?
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    As I understand it your original question was more to do with changing location servers within a VPN rather than the merits of any particular VPN. That said I don't use PIA as it doesn't have the range of countries I need. Most of the better ones claim they don't keep logs, and so I guess the answer depends on why you use the VPN and why you are masking your location. (I am not asking and I don't want to know.) I use mine to watch and capture TV shows which are only supposed to be available within certain countries. I can't see my ISP worrying too much about me watching some Austrian cop show, but who knows?

    A couple of points as to why it could be beneficial to switch servers occasionally.

    As a general rule in most things it is best to avoid becoming repetitive and predictable.

    Within VPNs there is a tendency for people to go to the first available server in any country. That can become overloaded, and even though you may find performance is okay, there is a chance you could improve it by moving to one that is less loaded. My VPN offers that sort of load balancing as an option when I first connect to any particular country and offers to connect to the least loaded rather than the one I selected, it can be accepted or declined at that point.

    The only downside I can think of to switching server, provided you are happy with everything else the VPN has to offer, would be the opposite of the above i.e. you could hit a server further down the list that runs slower than the one you were using. Trial and error would fix that in short order.
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