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Thread: You Don't Really Need an Anti-Virus App Anymore

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    You Don't Really Need an Anti-Virus App Anymore

    Ten years ago the first thing you needed to load on a brand new computer were anti-virus and malware applications. The internet was a mine field of malicious content that could infect your entire home network with one errant click. Yet things have changed dramatically. Windows has much more robust security options built in, browsers are smarter, and, hopefully, so are the users.

    Instead of spending your money on a lot of security software that is often as invasive and irritating as the malware it protects against, think long and hard about going with a minimalist security set up and practicing safe browsing techniques. Below are the scant few software software packages you really need, and where to find them.

    Browser and OS updates

    The good news for the security-conscious computer user in 2017 is that OS and browser developers take security very, very seriously, and a lot of the protection that once required third-party apps (like tools to detect phishing sites) now comes built into whatever platform youíre currently using.

    All of that extra, built-in protection isnít worth much if you donít keep your operating system and browser updated at all times though. Itís so important to system security that Google updates Chrome (and Chrome OS) automatically whether you like it or not, and Microsoft continually risks frustrating users by pushing out Windows updates for the masses, whether the masses want them or not.

    Antivirus and firewall packages

    A few years ago, any computer security article would start off with antivirus and firewall recommendations, and while these tools can still be very useful, theyíre no longer the be-all and end-all that they used to be. If youíre on Windows 10 (see previous section), you have more built-in security than ever before, including a full antivirus package that kicks in if you donít install your own (Windows Defender), website filters, and plenty of advanced cloud-based protection on top as well.

    Smartphone security

    Smartphones are locked down much more tightly than your laptops and desktops, and if youíre keeping your Apple or Google OS up to date, and only installing apps through the official app stores, then youíre most likely going to be fine. Most vulnerabilities appear in shady apps installed through unofficial channels, or in older code.

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