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Thread: David Gemmell

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    I liked the unbeliever chronicles as well but technically he was a reluctant hero; his only real crime in the books was the rape of lena. Elric and many of Gemmell's characters were hardened murderer's responsible for slaughter and mayhem that became heroes.
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    Gemmell was an absolutely fantastic author. He took me on many rewarding journeys since first discovering Legend (Think its time to read that one again) His characters were memorable and utterly enjoyable. Others might create better worlds (nothing wrong with Gemmell's) but Gemmell's characters were ones you wanted to journey with or track down and set on fire.

    What a fantastic thread!! Great reading everyone's input and also remembering/exploring through your eyes.

    You can also try Elizabeth Moon - her Paksanerion series. I think the first one was Farmer's Daughter, could be wrong. True paladin (Sword and Sorcery) and huge hero from humble beginnings. She creates deep characters and brings them to life in a big way. (Her SciFi is superb as well)
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